Installing 11.3 in Intel G33/DG31PR with Core2Duo

I am linux newbie. I installed 11.3 Gnome 32 bit in my system twice after couple logins and updates the system freezes. I can’t use keybord etc. Only option is Power off/on. It happens either during boot/during usage randomly.
I posted my issue in this forum and implemented the suggestion but after couple of reboots, now it won’t boot, not even in safemode. So I have decided to Install again. In the same machine I have installed Ubuntu and it’s working fine without any problems from 1 week.

I need suggestion on install to Make it a success. Here is my hardware details.

CPU-Intel Core2duo
Motherboard- Intel DG31PR
Graphics- Intel Integrated Grapchics - G33 (GMA3100)
Ram - 3 GB DDR2
HDD - 250 GB SATA ( sda1 - XP, sda2- NTFS, sda3- Ubuntu, Sda4- 100 GB Free)


Difficult. But…

Don’t enable desktop effects
Don’t add any repos except Packman
Some folks have un-installed the nouveau driver

But if Ubuntu works well - I see no reason to discourage you from it.