Installer for netatop is out of date; need guidance

I’m running **13.2 **on x86-64 Intel i7 core. I use atop for my network monitoring, and I’m trying to get the associated netatop component working as well, but its installer appears to be set up for SysV init, not systemd. I’ve poked around on the web, but can’t find anything that would tell me how to change the netatop Makefile to work with systemd.

netatop has two components to be installed:

  • a kernel module, netatop
    , and - a daemon, netatopd

The Makefile looks like this:

                cd module; make
                cd daemon; make

**install:        module/netatop.ko daemon/netatopd
                install -d /lib/modules/`uname -r`/extra
                install -m 0644 module/netatop.ko -t /lib/modules/`uname -r`/extra
                install daemon/netatopd -t /usr/sbin
                install -T -m 0755 netatop.init /etc/init.d/netatop
**                install man/netatop.4 -t /usr/share/man/man4
                install man/netatopd.8 -t /usr/share/man/man8
                cd module; make clean
                cd daemon; make clean

(I’m not sure that the above would work on OpenSuSE even with the old SysV system; in any case, they don’t seem to work now.)

It appears to me that netatopd should be placed in /usr/lib/systemd/system; I’m not sure where netatop should go; would it need to go in the initrd? It is not really needed at boot-up, but could be loaded later in the startup sequence; but how?.

I know that the commands in the install section of the Makefile need to be replaced, but I’m not sure what to replace them with. Should I presume that once those commands are executed during the installation, the module and daemon will start automatically thereafter at boot time, or do additional commands have to be placed in other startup files?

I have it already packaged up for openSUSE including a systemd service file?

If you have updated the kernel, then grab from;

That’s great! I would guess that it would be safest to get your Update package, since I have applied updates since I installed 13.2
I have looked off and on for netatop, using both the OpenSuSE download page and YaST, but I have never seen it with either tool. I had just downloaded and installed netatop-0.6.tar.gz, but as usual it does not become active without manual intervention. May I hope that your netatop package will make it into an OpenSuSE repository as a regular component? For some reason, atop’s author has packaged atop for OpenSuSE, but not netatop. :?

Aaand, strangely, though I looked for it in OpenSuSE Download without success before downloading the tarball, when I look now, there it is! :?

Yes the update one as this use the kmp (kernel module package) for your running kernel…

If I pushed it anywhere it would be into a development repository, server:monitoring. The issue is not have update repositories present (for the kmp) would have to ask if they can add them… Else users would need to manually rebuild the rpm and install the kmp matching their running kernel (or run as a weak module).