Installed OpenSuse as my main OS on my primary desktop

Went to boot up today, and Debian wouldn’t log in runlevel 5, switched to runlevel 3, and there were like 3 pixels of visible text at the top, the rest was black. No clue what happened to it (although probably has something with having had to boot up windows and it did something), but decided to give OpenSuse a chance on my main desktop, I’d had Debian for about 4 years on it now…

So got it all set up and everything working. In fact, for the first time in about 3 months on that system, I can hear flash videos!! So fairly impressive I must say. Of course, as is my luck, the openbuild is down so that I can’t get revelation installed. So can’t do much outside of web browsing on my system due to not having passwords for anything.

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Thank You,

what is revelation?

Password manager. It’s no longer developed (stopped in 2007), but I’ve been using it for years. Slowly a lot of distros are beginning to stop including it, so I really need to find a replacment, but it is one of those things that just works so well.

I was using Ubuntu a week ago. Thanks God!. Had an idea of trying openSUSE. And LOL:-) this is my primary operating system now. It is just working out of the box. Thanks to the Dev Team and other people involved in this great distibution.

Couldn’t agree more.

Well, build service was back up last night and now have revelation up and running. So very happy. lol!