installed and uninstalled amarok - system still slower than before

I installed amarok recently on 11.4 and it was slowing things down so I un-installed it but things are still slower than they were before. Any ideas?

I un-installed all the mysql stuff that was was downloaded and installed during the amarok installation but this hasn’t really helped either.

I kind of doubt that amarok would do this.
Are you using KDE?
Do you have the indexing enabled?

It’s a bit tough to say from the information in your posting. It’s likely one of the following things:

1). A system process that’s eating up CPU
2). Video driver-related problems

For #1, if you can go out to the command line and do something like “top” and see what might be consuming all of the CPU cycles, that would help point you in the right direction.

For #2, I don’t know what your video hardware is, but install the nvidia or ATI proprietary driver if you are wanting desktop effects and / or the desktop seems sluggish. Also, the system running slower problem … is it everything in general, or just desktop responsiveness? If you go out to a command prompt and do something there (like ls, top, cat /proc/meminfo, etc) do those come back instantly or do they take some time to execute?

using gnome

But it should be fine. I use amaork in Gnome but I have been to ‘systemsettings’ and taken out the indexing in kde. If you haven’t installed the kde pattern, I’m not sure if ‘systemsettings’ will be available.

Top shows no significant cpu usage by anything, however the system monitor is at a steady 20-30% cpu usage so the two don’t seem to match up. Maybe this is normal… All the commands execute instantly. On an aside, top command shows 3 current users, all me, so I’m logged in three times?

I’ll check for system settings.

So it would sound as if the issue is either desktop-environment related, or it’s something with the video card (what type of video card do you have and / or are you using proprietary drivers)?

With alt+F2 check which program uses more resources of your CPU.

And as katanacb said

Check if a driver or a system process creates this problem. Try with alt+F2.

Xorg uses the most cpu - at 1%, so not a system process problem. My video card is nVidia Corporation NV18 [GeForce4 MX - nForce GPU] (rev a3) using the proprietary drivers.

Maybe something must be going on with the internet service here (Charter cable). Ping: 40ms, all traceroutes I have tried aborted. So maybe the issue is slowing internet more than a slowing system.

I can tell you I had to remove preload on my Box