Installation problems on a ps3

i took a look a the article here on openSUSE about putting 10.3, 11.0, and 11.1 on a ps3 and i’m having problems in the install process. i have bin able to install the boot loader file, the .bld. Then i get to the blue install screen and there isn’t an option to install 11.1 or any of the various versions. (i have tried to get them all to work). while i am at the install screen i put the 11.1 dvd in the disc drive hoping that it will work but i have gotten nothing. i suspect there to be an issue with the ppc file needed but i am not sure. any help with this process would be greatly appreciated.

eh another question:

Windows told me that I have already installed Suse.
But i have not install any suse software :\

Dont know what can I do?!
Should I delete SP3?
or can I install Suse while I boot the PC?

Which directory is important? C: \ ?

thx for help!

did you change your boot priorties in bios to boot from cd-rom?

I’m confused. Your first post talked about installing on a PS3. Your next post talks about Windows and SP3! Are you trying to install on a PS3 and a Windows PC? If so, you should have posted two separate threads.

yes, i’m trying to get info about installing opensuse on a ps3, but this person decided to post a thread over mine. If anyone had info on the installation process i would be greatly appreciative.

I don’t think suse will go into a PS3, the hard drive type is different, but i might be mistaking

I am better at windows than SUSE, i would say not to uninstall SP3. You need to boot from the DVD drive. on some computers there is a key (on dells it is F12) you can press and it will ask you if you want to boot hard drive or CD drive.

I’ve successfully installed 11.1 on my PS3. As I recall, I just booted off the DVD and followed the prompts. The wiki page explains it all.