installation of gcc

im new to linux…my previous laptop had windows on it…the new one has SUSE installed on it…the problem is that i dont have a cd drive because its a small netbook…now i need to install gcc so that i can compile C programs…and i really cant find a suitable installation…how can i install gcc without a cd???

pls give me the shortest way since im almost fed up of all this hassle already :S


If you have internet with the repo’s setup - what’s the problem. Make sure the cd/dvd entry in the repo list is disabled too.

zypper in gcc

You don’t need a CD or DVD to install additional software, just an internet connection. Go to YaST/Software/Software Repositories; perhaps already set up? If not, easy to do. gcc is in the main repository (if you’re compiling, you’ll also need kernel sources, headers, and the make package).

The main repositories are these:

Index of /source/distribution/11.1/repo/non-oss
Index of /source/distribution/11.1/repo/oss
Index of /update/11.1

Note that the above are for 11.1; if you have 11.0, just change them to that. These are the master repositories; you can use a mirror that is closer to you for faster download. The mirrors are here openSUSE Download Mirrors. There are also many 3rd-party repositories, the major ones listed here Additional YaST Package Repositories.

It’s not a HP2133 with SLED10 you have installed? If so have a look
here on how to register and this will setup the repositories and
updates. SLE also uses rug not zypper to install (or YaST).

Registering your shiny new HP Mini-Note

Also if it is SLED, then I suggest posting over in the appropriate SLED
forum at as this is the openSUSE forum.

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