Install Tumbleweed with uboot on Toshiba ac100 / paz00

I tried to install Tumbleweed with uboot on the ac100 by following this guide:

But after writing the new bct, the screen is back and it is not booting / installing from sd card. :’(

I used:

Someone know a solution?

thanks in advance

A workaround is to use the sosboot image from Zombah’s other guide.

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With your alternative guide,
Are you working?

You’ll have to describe better what you do see…

Although I of course don’t have experience on your machine,
On my RPi, when uboot boots, I see stdout (text on the screen).
If you don’t even see text on the screen, then the problem is likely somewhere in the steps creating and writing your modified CBT.

If you see text on the screen, but then goes black,
You should note what displayed before going black.

In both the above,
There are likely bootlog files somewhere which should contain not only what was displayed on the screen but possibly other info as well.