Install to existing /home on RAID

I’m sure there is an easy answer to this but I can’t find it. I have a TW system with an SSD as the system disc and a pair of HDDs in RAID1 for /home. The SSD has just failed and I have replaced it. However when I start a new TW installation I do not have the option of mounting the RAID at /home unless I format it, which I do not want to do.

Do I have to allow the installer to create a /home partition on the system drive then switch it to the RAID (if so how?) or is there an easier way. I have done this type of installation several times previously and cannot recall having this problem; has something changed?

I would be very grateful for a pointer on this.

Hmmm, I re-installed TW several times in the past and only mounted the existing /home on a different HDD/SSD, but never on a RAID 1 I must confess.

Can you take a picture of the install process where you encounter the problem? It should not be necessary to format, but simply choose the HDD/SSD for /home…

Thanks for your help raspu. It was difficult to take a photo during installation, but the screen is exactly the same if I go into YaST Partitioner. Forgive me for being thick here, but I’m not sure how I post the screenshots. If I want to insert an image it asks me for the URL, which implies it has to be pasted somewhere on the net. So I’ll describe the screen:

In the Partitioner I select /dev/md/0 and go to Edit. My Formatting Options are: Format device/Do not format device. My Mounting Options are: Mount device (with selectable Mount Point)/Do not mount device.

If I select Do not format device, the Mounting Options go to Do not mount device and the rest are greyed out. The only way I can set the Mount Point is to select Format device - Catch 22. Exactly the same happens during installation.

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You can upload images to
and use the URL here.

Well you do have to have a files system (thus formatted) to mount a File system :wink: You don’t mount a partition just the FS on the partition

Depends. If you formated /dev/md/0 or a partition on that device. Show us a screenshot of the partitioner with the RAID selected.

Thanks - done. SUSE Paste

Screenshot of Partitioner window: SUSE Paste

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I have just seen that the RAID currently consists of only one device. I don’t know what happened there, but that is obviously not right. Perhaps I should delete the RAID and re-add the devices.

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You should check that definitely, but you might destroy the data if you don’t handle it carefully. Check your mdadm status / log (if it’s a linux software RAID).

As you were, guys. I have just repeated the installation from scratch and this time it was OK. It seems for some reason the install program did not find the second RAID disc and I failed to notice. This is presumably why the program would not let me mount a RAID with a drive missing.

When I started again the install program found the drive and let me set the mount point to /home without formatting. The installation then went to plan exactly as it has done on previous occasions, so I am back up and running.

Thank you all for your input, which I appreciate very much.

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That is nice to hear. Congratulations with your installation. Enjoy openSUSE!

It was essential that the installer had to detect the drive/RAID and mount it to be able to use it.

Looks like you didn’t upload your screenshots to susepaste, you uploaded links pointing to files on your local machine.

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Btw, add a line to your mdadm.conf like this:


(this is for my local mail server, replace the brackets by the domain name for a non-local mail server) and your RAID will send you an email next time it degrades… very handy :wink: