install stuck at on MS surface 3

I am using a usb stick to install 15.4 on an MS surface 3 . I already installed 15.0 and 15.2 on this same surface.

For some unknown reason the install process is blocked at a point when it displays :

starting yast...
Sarting Installer
> serial.1: read info

And then nothing happens.

Is there some useful option i could add during boot to avoid such problem ?

PS : the installation media has been verified and it is ok

Just ideas, as I’ve never had access to a Surface, or any other tablet PC, to install Linux on.

I think there is still a “failsafe” boot menu option you could try.

Before anything else, I’d try appending acpi=off to the installer’s linu line after striking E at the boot menu. Some hardware won’t run the installer without adding nomodeset, which usually needs to be removed on first boot of the installed system. has many boot options included in same manner that are applicable to the installer itself.

There are Ctrl-Alt-Fn terminals you can switch to to see various messages that might give a better clue. F2 has a shell prompt from which you can run commands. F10 has kernel messages. Once the GUI starts, it runs on F7. Until then, it’s a normal F1-only, until enough boot progress has been made and the others intialize.

Thanks that did the trick for installation ;o)

Which “that”?

acpi=off ;o)