Install RPM file in YAST2 Software Manager

How do I get Yast2 Software Manager to install an .rpm file from a disk directory ?

On 2012-08-18 13:46, eldiener wrote:
> How do I get Yast2 Software Manager to install an .rpm file from a disk
> directory ?

yast --help

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You don’t say anything about your openSUSE installation as to version or desktop being used. If this was a KDE desktop, I would open the Dolphin file manager, navigate to the folder that contains the rpm file, right click on the rpm and select Open with, then select Install/Remove Software. You must enter the root user password to cause the installation to complete. To provide any more help would require us to know a lot more information.

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On 08/18/2012 01:46 PM, eldiener wrote:
> How do I get Yast2 Software Manager to install an .rpm file from a disk
> directory ?

using YaST Software Repositories, add that directory as an
enabled/refreshed repo…then using YaST Software Management, search for
the rpm package name…then click to install it…

but, if that pack has dependencies not met by your other enabled repos,
it will not be a so automatic install…

easier to above is to just right click the rpm and select to install
with YaST!!


yast2 -i <rpm file>

You can also click on the rpm in the file manager and apper will open it. For some reason apper also tries to update a bunch of other programs too before installing the rpm, in 12.1.

It is nice you want to help, but the thread was active more then three (3) years ago.
It is most likely that the OP found out what to do in the meantime.

It’s nice that you want to help, but It’s at least as likely that someone googled the relevant terms and landed here wanting to know the answer to the same question. Me, for example.

Otherwise why wouldn’t you delete the thread altogether?

And if the answer is only of value to the OP, why wouldn’t you just answer the question by email in the first place?

I thiink the idea of a public forum is to spread information and solutions, not to suppress them.

I wish that that worked for me.

When I click on an rpm, it is opened by Ark, and I don’t know what to do next.

When I left click the rpm and choose “Open with” and then choose Yast2, nothing seems to happen.

FYI, hcvv didn’t want to help, he only told the poster justingoldberg that it’s unlikely that the OP still gets the message, as that thread is from 2012.
That should also answer your other questions.

And the original problem has been fixed later on anyway.

There are more recent posts about similar problems, there’s no default handler of rpm files in Leap 42.1 (I suppose that’s what you are using?), except for ark (which opens rpm files as a file archive).

There is a bug report about this, and it should be fixed soon by an update:

Closing this thread now.

Btw, we don’t delete threads, as they may still help people and we want to conserve history…

And just to be clear:
The advice here was to download the .rpm file and then run “yast -i xxx.rpm” in a terminal window.

And that should still work.