Install recommended packages but NOT lang packages

Hi there, I want t know how to disable the automatic “-lang” packages installation but without disabling recommended packages, is there any way to do this?

I have an English openSUSE installation but it seems to be the default behavior to always install language packages.


Well, -lang packages are not handled differently in any way than other recommended packages, actually they are explicitly recommended by the main package normally.

Locking all -lang packages should do the trick though, i.e. something like this:

zypper al *-lang

zypper locks do understand wild cards…

OK, thanks for the tip. It just seems a waste to recommend -lang packages when the system language is english.

Without an English language pack, you could not be sure that an interactive program provided an English interface. Besides there are many versions of English – I would get fairly frustrated if I was forced to use e.g. US, Belize or South African locales.

Better protect that wild card for zypper from shell interpretation:

zypper al '*-lang'

While it might not be very likely that there is one or more files that fit this path expansion, the chance is not 0%. And when this way of using wild cards for zypper becomes a habit of people reading this, sooner or later they will experience “strange things happening”. :wink: