Install Pipewire?

Hi All, I just use and install oepnSUSE tumbleweed three days ago. I won’t mess up my OpenSUSE installation.
I had searching on the internet but i can’t the way to solve my problem. I have question:

How i replace pulseaudio server with pipewire audio server?
Because i like pipewire to play my audio gear in my laptop, I did this with my fedora 34 was wonderful and flawlessly and i I like openSUSE tumbleweed, this os very smooth in my system. so I want did the same i did with my fedora 34 in openSUSE tumbleweed.
This screenshot is different in number of package between pipewire package in openSUSE repo and in Fedora repo

and this pulseaudio sound server running in my openSUSE tumbleweed:

Thanks in advance.

You can use copy/paste from terminal and Code-Tags, make all a little bit readable:

Oke siap. I wil do that next time. Thank you

I didn’t see this thread when I started this thread, The guide I linked in my thread should help you get started. If I remember correctly, I responded with 1 to all the questions posed by zypper when I did the “sudo zypper install …” command. You may have to manually change some packages to the packman repository after the install, I did. Good luck!


P.S. Perhaps a moderator can merge these two threads?

Thanks, Gene

For a basic installation you just need to issue:

# zypper in pipewire-alsa pipewire-pulseaudio

If you have the packman repo enabled choose the option to “change vendor” to whatever library zypper asks for.
Then reboot, it should just work with standard HW.
If you have a special configuration you may have to edit /etc/pipewire/pipewire.conf and/or /etc/pipewire/pipewire-pulse.conf.

Hai, Thanks you very much, I just sorry i don’t search in this forum, before i ask my question. My Opensuse now running with pipepwire multimdia service. Thank you.