install OS 13.1 gnome 64b from dvd hangs

Sorry for this post. I have checked the forum if someone had the same problem but didn’t find any similar one.
The installation hangs almost at the end when it tries to write grub in the MBR. Sorry the last message is in french “enregistrement de la configuration du secteur d’amorçage” (~recording of the boot loader). I tried the 2 ways : grub install in MBR or in ‘/’ partition, install hangs at the same place.
Thanks for any help,
armel, Paris
OpenSUSE-13.1-GNOME-Live-X64_64bits.iso (md5sum checked)
Asus P5Q3 Deluxe
8Gb memory
4xCPU Q9300@2,50Ghz

Is this a EFI BIOS?

Try to disable the floppy drive in the BIOS settings (especially if you don’t have one), or just wait some hours (it should continue then)… :wink:

If you cannot disable the floppy drive, try adding “brokenmodules=floppy” to the installation DVD’s boot options, by either typing that directly on the boot menu where you can choose “Installation” and so on, or (if you have an UEFI system) type ‘e’ and append it to the line starting with “linux(-efi)” and press ‘F10’ to boot.

to Moderator & Gogalthorp,
Thanks for your kind answers. I don’t know how a UEFI or EFI Bios manifests. “mine” is a classical one Bios V02.61 Amarican megatrends (1985-2008).
Wikipedia describes UEFI as a BIOS substitute with secure boot (?) capacity. The only specific functionality of my motherboard concerns Express Gate, a “program” allowing Skype, Browser…before calling the BIOS.
I have deleted all floppy mentions inside the BIOS and the installation has completed.
Thanks very much for your help, as for me this thread is closed,
armel, Paris