Install openSUSE TW on Dell XPS 15 9560

So the USB DVD installation media can’t boot into neither installation, nor live linux system, nor rescue system. They all get stuck at:

“Starting hardware detection…”

I have already switched the SATA mode from Raid to ACPI in BIOS, which is recommended on installing Ubuntu for this machine.

The installation media has been checked on other machine and it can boot fine.

I have an XPS 15 with a sky lake cpu running Tumbleweed. It is not dual boot with windows. I am using EFI, LVM and LUKS (full disk). I had problems with the initial load of Tumbleweed.
What I did was:

  • load normal 64 bit Leap;
  • change the repos to Tumbleweed;
  • run zypper dup.

Hope that helps.

Thanks to the help from reddit, adding nomodeset made the installer bootable.