Install Opensuse 11.1 in secondary partition drive


I used to have Fedora and Windows XP in the Main drive, different partitions. I get rid of Fedora to assign the main hard drive entirely to Windows XP. I have a secondary hard drive that has 2 partitions, one is NTFS and the other is now reserved for Opensuse 11.1. I dont want to have problems booting XP and SUSE so Do you know if there are special recomendations to do that in the installer? Some document that I can review? My main fear is that I could have problems because Opensuse 11.1 will be in the secondary hard drive in a partition of 40 Gb.

Thank you


If you are installing OpenSuSe 11.1 for the first time I suggest you take a look at:

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and the sticky:

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I also found this post that will calm you down, as the guy was able to install OpenSuSe 11.1 on a HDD and keeping Win Xp in another.

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I also found this info on a linux forum which might be very very helpful:

Re: Dual boot Windows XP & openSUSE 11.1

Hope it helps