Install on USB Stick

How to install on USB stick. How big do I need. I will be using it for Linux FoundationX: LFS101x.2 Introduction to Linux.

Admit NO idea, did read something earlier that 4 GB should be enough.

Am watching my HD space (still plenty of GBs) as work my way through the intro using the browser reading online, then using terminal with which updates my installed packages with any essential system components.

Stored videos etc so far under 300 MB.

More space likely used by the several system updates no idea of space used, though just checking my HD can see retains plenty of space.

4 gig should be ok for USB

instructions here

On the hard drive you install to you need about 1.5xmemory for swap about 40 gig for root and as much as you need for home. You can get by with less for root if you use ext4 format rather then the default BTRFS

I use Rufus and an 8 GB stick.

Works like a charm.

I didn’t understand the question!!!
U want to install on usb??
What do you mean install on a usb just like u install on hdd
or just using the usb such that u caan install on a hdd just like using a live disk