Install Leap to HP Laptop with USB Drive in UEFI

I created a usb DVD for Leap 42.1 using SUSE Imagewriter and made a number of attempts to install this on my HP Pavilion in UEFI mode. The HP would not recognize this drive as a bootable option (F9 at boot) when UEFI was enabled. I found this article ( that described how to make a usb drive using the linux dd command. For reasons unknown to me, the HP did recognize the drive created in this manner, and I was able to install Leap with UEFI enabled. I hope this saves a few people a little frustration.

To summarize, I downloaded the Leap install DVD and created a usb drive using dd as described in the above article. On laptop startup, I pressed <ESC>, then F10 to change my boot options to disable Secure Boot and enable UEFI. I connected my usb drive to the laptop and pressed F10 to restart. Again, I pressed <ESC>, then F9 at the menu prompt. My usb drive was then displayed. I selected it, and the install proceeded without problem.

In the last step, my usb drive actually showed twice in the selection menu - once with a UEFI tag and once without. I chose the one with the UEFI. Again, I don’t know why this worked, but it did work.

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