Install error on HP E-vectra

HP E-Vectra
256Mb ram
Intel 810e chipset motherboard
AGP - Intel 810 (max video resolution 1600x1200
Sound card - Intel 810 - PCI - stereo - 20-bit Crystal WDM Audio
Network 3Com 3C905C-TX
120Gb Seagate harddrive, formatted:
10Gb Win98 partition
1Gb /swap
15Gb /root
the rest /home
No CD-station
No Floppy

So, I had Windows 98 on a small partition on the pc, used Grub4dos to boot the Opensuse installation program:
root (hd0,0)
kernel /linux
initrd /initrd
The installation starts ok, accepts the download mirror and downloads the first install data, asks for a swap file because ram is not enough, I point to /swap and its ok and after a short loading “please supply config file” comes up and the screen goes black, num lock button blinks and nothing more happens.
What am I missing?

Is there a opensuse config file that should be loaded before the installation is booted?
And of course the linux and initrd fields are in the Win98 partition root folder.
Since I have no CD-station/floppy in the pc and it only accepts slim cd-stations I must get it installed with grub4win or something alike.

Do I need to copy other files than “linux” and “initrd” from the Netinstall CD? I copied them from the /boot/i386/loader/ folder and have them in the root of the windows partition

moved linux and initrd to /boot/vmlinuz.install and initrd.install
booted with
root (hd0,0)
kernel /boot/vmlinuz.install noapic
initrd /boot/initrd.install

Still said “Please supply config file”
but went past the last crash
Installation started in textmode, hopefully it finishes ok now

What makes me wonder is did I have to move and rename the files or was it the noapic that got me through?

Well well, installation completed rebooted and leves me with a lonely blinking prompt in the upper corner of a black screen. If I push any button on the keyboard, the pc beeps.
I think I´ll go back to Debian, thx for the advice anyway :wink: