Install by zypper or YAST?

Is there any difference between installing packages from terminal and YAST?
Should I install all packages by “Install Software” in GNOME menu or can I use zypper install XXX?

Both YaST and zypper use libzypp under the hood. The YaST gui provides a lot of flexibility and functions which, while most can also be done in zypper, are easier to do in YaST. Having said that, zypper can install anything that YaST can and takes care of dependencies the same way. So, bottom line, it’s a matter of preference. (Note: The YaST Software Management in Gnome is quite different, and not as full-featured, as the KDE version. IIRC you can use the KDE version from within Gnome.)

Ok thanks for answer :slight_smile:
I was wondering cause I have my own command setup I use to install all my fav apps after installing system :slight_smile:

Then zypper should work well for you.

Can zypper and yast be used concurrently, i.e. can I install some packages via zypper and others with yast and still maintain all dependencies?

Yes, YaST calls the zypper library to do its work. However you may not be able to literally run them concurrently as there will be a lock preventing two instances of the same tool or different tools from accessing the RPM database. Sometimes this happens in normal operation when the SUSE updater is running and you find that you have to wait until it has finished before you can install packages. But there’s no problem running them one after the other in any order, the RPM database should remain consistent.

I’d wondered about this. I saw references to “unconditionally update…” as a specific function in threads where people had questions about various things, but never saw such an option in the “software management” interface from YAST. Is it the same as “zypper dup”?

And what do I need to install if I want the KDE “software management” interface – if it needs to bring 200MB of dependencies with it, I’ll just live with the GNOME version on principal. :slight_smile:

(Sorry for the thread hijack, but didn’t seem worthy of spawning a new thread…)

I think the package you’re looking for is yast2-qt-pkg which will pull in yast2-qt as a dependency. In Software Management select the package and you can see all the dependent packages that will need to be added. These are not KDE, they are Qt, so you don’t need the KDE libraries. IIRC not a lot to add.

IMHO the extra “simplicity” in the Gnome version gives up a lot of functionality, flexibility, and visibility.

I prefer the qt version, you may also need to set YaST to use the qt
interface via the /etc/sysconfig editor.

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^^ Nice. I can’t wait to try this when I get home later.

You two may have just removed what has been nearly my only frustration with openSUSE. Thanks!

Terrific, you’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Yep, worked like a charm, and wow what a difference. Thanks!