Install 11.0 from Live CD

Just wondering what the downsides are to installing 11.0 KDE from the live CD as opposed to the DVD.
What is missing from the live CD that would be on the DVD - other than things like development stuff.

Gimp for example…

But I love the openSUSE LiveCD…it small!

I prefered the CD for 10.3. It’s small and I can install basic OS, fetching latest software version from the net.

The DVD’s advantage is that you have a bucketload of software available offline, so any new installations would only require a diff update which is much smaller than installing entire application from the net. Also, with 11 coming out soon, the software on the DVD will be latest hot stuff, still steaming.

So for version 11, I’m getting myself the DVD.

so there is a bunch of third party software missing from the livecd?
Are things like Ktorrent, kaffeine & other KDE apps on the live CD?


ktorrent, kaffeine, openoffice, amarok, okular, digikam, gwenview, firefox, kopete, konversation, kmail, kinternet, k3b,konquerorm, dolphin…

as said before, for those not installed with LiveCD, there are the repos…


thanks for that . . .
I just seem to remember the 10.3 CD (not live) was missing quite a bit. But as I understand it - they can fit a truckload more onto a live CD than a normal CD

A CD will always be deficient wrt a DVD, it’s 780 Mb -vs - 4Gb. But that’s no problem when you enable the Community repositories as others nted above. But personally I like to sue the DVD to save a lot of messing about wth web downloads later.

On my SuSe 10.0 I ran into a Firefox compatibility problem with my AT&T webmail, so I decided to install SuSe 11.0. At first I ordered the boxed set, and then discovered that it only included a DVD medium and no CD’s. As I don’t have DVD on my Desktop I called and canceled the boxed set. Then began searching around and discovered the ability to download the SuSe 11.0 CD with KDE4 on it. So I decided to give it a try. Downloaded it on my SuSe 10.0 with BitTorrent, and wrote out the ISO CD with K3B. Then installed into a 10 GB partition. All went fine, the installation was the easiest I have ever done. I then used YAST2 to download packages that I often use. The Firefox 3.0b.5 that comes with it is fine with my AT&T e-mail. The only thing I am trying to figure out is how to mont my SuSe 10.0 to 11.0 so I can copy out my old /home data.

Open Yast → system → partitioner. If it was /home in the root partition then locate the root partition and “Edit” it and type /mnt/oldroot in the “Mount Point” slot. Be careful to NOT click to format it. Click OK to make it happen.

If /home was on a separate partiton from root, then in Yast partitioner type /home/your_username/oldhome in the “Mount Point” slot, once again being careful NOT to format. Click OK to make it happen.

I caution you that KDE4 in openSUSE 11.0 from the CD is experimental. I recommend you almost immediately attach the repositories for the upgrade to KDE4.1 and upgrade it to get a more stable and responsive installation, or alternatively install the familiar and still excellent KDE 3.5.9 from the normal openSUSE 11.0 repositories and change your default login to 3.5.9.