inside viewing angle of desktop cube

I’ve just installed opensuse 11 and i am trying to set up the desktop cube. after hours of fiddling around I finally got the cube, but with one small problem when i rotate it the view is from inside the cube. I wanted, if its possible to see the cube from a distance similar to the screenshots i’ve seen posted. I am completely new to linux but i dont mind putting in the work to learn any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated. Please go easy on the jargon:)

Hit Alt+F2 and write ccsm in the text-box and then press enter. On the application that now now launches click on Desktop in the left pane and then on the Desktop Cube option on the right. In the Desktop Cube option select the Behaviour tab and deselect the check-box Inside Cube. That should solve the issue.

wow that was easy, thx you just saved me hours, i dont know how i missed that box i was in ccsm-> desktop->desktop cube so many times and never seen it, ive learned a new lesson never try and configure linux at 4 a.m. so is the cube only visible while rotating, and can i make it smaller. Are the screenshots, well just that screenshots, and you cant configure it to be visible from an afar view, so that you can later put the reflection and what not on the desktop. basically what imasking is can i get it to look like the examples ive seen. sorry if im incoherent

well am i just trying to do something which isnt possible or can i view the cube while its rotating from afar so i can see it in its entirety, and thus see its reflection, etc.

There should be a setting in ccsm that goes: Cube Reflection and Deformation. Turn it on, and click on it. Now select the Reflection tab and check the check-box to enable it. Now the cube reflection should work. If you now see a sphere or cylinder instead of a cube (and do not want it that way) select the deformation tab and select none for deformation. To send your cube far away come back to the main ccsm screen and click on the rotate cube option. Here there should be a slider for Zoom. The more you drag it to the right (by default it is set to 0) the farther your cube goes into the screen. Hope that helps.

Thx very much that is some solid help, i was going to give up on suse until i read a couple of books on linux but with help like this i can do them concurrently. I didnt see the deformation and reflection options but i think i just may need the newest version or some plugins. Thank you