Inquiry Into OpenSUSE 13.2 Distribution Update

After installing OpenSUSE 13.1, some of the programs I had no use for, so I would uninstall them. This worked seamlessly. I would use the zypper update option, and the zypper dist-upgrade option subsequently when updating files. This also worked seamlessly.

I recently installed OpenSUSE 13.2, with the same intention to delete some of the programs that I do not use. This worked as expected. I then used the zypper update option, which worked well. I then used the zypper dist-upgrade option and have a bit of an issue. It was set to install the very programs I uninstalled. This instantly reminded me of Windows Update, which tries to push software on you in their update program. There is a reason I uninstalled marble, kmail, digikam, and all that other bloatware. I will eventually need to use the zypper dist-upgrade option, but I do not want to have the “suggested software” included in the upgrade. In the previous version of OpenSUSE (13.1), this was not an issue! Any suggestions?

Distribution upgrade (dup) installs programs that are defined as part of the base system or depend on each other.

It should not be used updating the system normally. Always use up if you want to update the system, unless you want to install files from a 3rd party repository which change the vendor and even in that case you should use --from as a parameter to define that upgrades should be installed from that particular repository.

In yast mark any program you don’t want as no load ie black list them.

In 13.1 there was a list kept of uninstalled packages and then the package would no longer be loaded. But this lead to problems when you uninstalled then reinstalled a package. So things were set way back and you must manually mark any package that may be recommended to keep it from being reinstalled.

Thanks, I will figure out how to do this.

Just right click the package the options is obvious