Inkscape black theme

Is it possible to set only inkscape 1.01 to a black theme.opensuse leap 15.4 kde.

In the Inksacape setting as far as I know. Didn’t use it in a while but shouldn’t be hard to find or a web search will do the trick

Yes i can set it in the inskape preferences and then choose dark theme but its not working under opensuse leap 15 4 as in windows 10.
I can change the theme only when i choose dark theme for all aoplications under opensuse leap 15 4. Thats not what i want.

In tumbleweed it is always using the dark theme here. I didn’t change anything when I installed it.
I could be wrong but maybe take a look at your gtk themes it might be the problem.

I guess you use a dark theme for all applications.
But I need it only for inkscape 1. 01


Don’t tick “Use dark theme” but change the Gtk theme itself.
Chose anything but Breeze-dark as this will only work with a general systemwide dark theme.

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Thanks is there also a new inkscape 1.2 version for leap 15.4 ?

In the (inofficial) graphics repo