Initial problems with OpenSUSE - help!

So I installed Gnome OpenSUSE 11.1 onto my Dell Inspiron 1501, and I’m having some trouble with basic aesthetics. Here’s what I want to do:

  1. Enable the Compiz cube.
  2. Enable Avant Window Manager.
  3. Move the bottom panel to the top and delete the window manager(Avant will take care of that).
  4. Enable Emerald.
  5. Get the Microsoft fonts (Times New Roman and all that).

Is there any one place where I can get this information? There are so many different help desks that I have no idea which one to use.


Try the wiki at Welcome to - openSUSE

Use the search tool at the top and put in a term like compiz

There’s also this list: HOWTOs - openSUSE but I imagine that some articles aren’t there (use the search tool for them).

This should start you in the right direction

If you have a copy of windows you can just copy the fonts folder and put it in /usr/share/fonts/‘name the folder msfonts’

use config desktop (not sure what/where on this as I use kde) to add the fonts