India's answer to the Linux world. :) BOSS!!!!!

Hi All,

I don’t know if this has been shared before here on this forum (searched returned me no results). But Indian government has come up with their own version of Linux. Called BOSS (Bharat Operating System Solutions). Feel proud sharing this bit!!!

Here is the URL Bharat Operating System Solutions | BOSSLinux


On 02/27/2011 09:36 AM, Nihilanth wrote:

> Indian government has come up with their own version of Linux.

good initiative!

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All good, as long as it doesn’t come with pointy hair. :slight_smile:

Great to see – it will be good for Linux in a general sense as well as a particular sense in India. And microsoft will be crying.

I like it. I am glad to read that many countries directed to linux as main operating system. My country tries to “install” linux in education.;):slight_smile:

Monomaxos - The Greek Linux Operating System …

MONOMACHOS is the greek linux.:wink:

All “countries in transition” should teach in their schools IT based on free OS. This because resources are scarce and even more important because it is a possibility to achieve direct and efficient technology transfer. It also allows these countries to develop their own skilled IT personal, lower the brain drain into developed countries by head hunting and why not, foster a bit their own sovereignty (its all about doors). An eastern European country has recently announced proudly how brave they where to do a government wide deal with Microsoft on software for their administration with as a bonus the development of a IT research center for Microsoft products (they funded this with a small amount of money). The government representative did belief seriously that this was a “good deal”. Maybe one should teach to these people the concept of “there is no free lunch” and that this deal lowered actually the prospects of their youth and their industry. In India there has been somebody who, with all evidence, did well his homework. Did you notice: all recently successful countries in transition have some things in common. One is the shift to open-source: China (RFL), Brazil (Office) and India as we have heard.
And of course one could build very rightfully the whole argument for developed countries.
Thank you indeed for the interesting link.

Here the desktop of Monomaxos Hellas(Greek) LINUX

How nice. What does “monomaxos” translated to English mean? Mono = mono / unique I guess. But “maxos” I have no clue since max comes from Latin, therefore cannot be the intention. Help me out, efxaristò (or similar, never had the priviledge to learn classical greec language).

In Hellas language
Μονομάχος -
M–>M(English alphabet)
ο–>o –
ν–>n —
o–>o —
μ–>m —
α–>a —
x–>ch —(the right form)
o–> o —
ς–> s —


You are from Russia right?
If yes I have installed runtu Runtu

But if you want to learn Greek I am not your person, I study computer science in open university of Patra.

Dear Nihilanth, BOSS is a good operating system developed by CDAC India. the main advantage of the OS is that it has a very good support for Indian Language. But with all due respect to the work that you have done I would request you to check your data because as far as I know it is not the OS designed by Indian Government. We can see different Linux based OSes in different government segments. Like we have seen that Judiciary in India insist on using Redhat Linux while recently Gujarat Education Board has shifted their insist on Ubuntu Linux. they recently distributed Ubuntu Linux Based systems in various schools in Gujarat. There are no clear evidences any where in any Government depart of using BOSS Linux as their main stream Operating System. Please reply to this in a very positive way.

Its good that India has its own Linux OS.

But practically speaking only a tiny number of people must be using it. And I don’t see any chance of that number growing in future. If the government itself uses it then however all that hard work which went into making that OS will be justified.

Best of luck to BOSS.

All the Indians I know use Windows; I guess thats why the rates for Windows development are in the toilet.