Increase partition size

I have a copy of Suse 10.2 which was originally installed on a 20 gig hard drive. When installed, the partitions were as large as they could be. I’ve since imaged the drive to a larger 80 gig drive. The only problem is that I have around 60 gig that I can’t use. From what I’ve read, I can’t resize or move existing partitions. Even a copy of ‘Parted Magic’ did nothing for me. From my stronger Windows background, this sort of thing is usually easy. Is there anything I can do, short of reformatting the whole drive and reinstalling everything? Simple instructions please…I’m a Linux newbie.

Try Gparted livecd GParted – Welcome and always,alway,always have a backup in case you make a mistake. Did i say make sure you have a backup ?


What you can do will depend upon what you created the partition image with. There is more than one method of creating an image. Some read all the sectors linearly including empty blocks, and created a fixed size bit image. Some read all used blocks, and enlarging the image will depend upon a tools ability to expand the file system (i.e., with NTFS the MFT, with ext3 the inode table). There are even hybrid imaging tools which provide backup system-like facilities like catalog and file system access. While tools may be written only for Windows or Linux, the underlying method is OS agnostic (but if the tool includes file system access, that may be limited).

Parted Magic is just a broad collection of various partitioning and file system tools. If you tried GParted on it to enlarge the copied image and that did not work, then it’s quite possible that the image cannot be expanded. You can try Partition Magic on Windows; it can handle an ext3 file system.

Thanks for the help. The Gparted program did the trick!

And don’t forget to back up.


i hope replying to old topic isnt against the rules here. :smiley:

I only have 3gb left in my computer and i dont want to install gparted. i know i can uninstall it later after partitioning.

is there a way i can partition this for i onlyhave 995 mb in my suse home :D.

You don’t need to install Gparted, it runs from a livecd


this might not be applicable for i have install this suse without a cd.following the instrutions below. here’s the link.

Installation without CD - openSUSE

if i still have an option please tell me. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t matter, just download & burn Gparted to disk.Then follow it’s very intuitive interface


yeh i did it. lol! yesterday. thanks

there is a free tool for you to increase you system partition and here is a detailed guide How to increase boot partition size?lol!

Greetings !!

I have currently a FAT32 partition that I want to size up with the 7Go unused space from the same physical hard disk.
I remember that with the install dvd I have for the SuSE 11.2 there is a software that let us resize a partition.
Do you think it is recommended to use it to resize this partition (bootable for dual boot with xp but GRUB is not installed there) ?
Of course I got backup for the initial 4 Go partition so I have no fear if the process fail to preserve data on this partition.

What are the benefits of the use of the gparted software ?
Do you believe is better to use it instead of the one available on the install DVD ?

I prefer ask for more informations before proceeding in order to avoid great disappointments ^^

Normally, with a filesystem the “free space” from the other partition (here 7Go) is just a “pointer” to the first free space located in a different place in the hard disk… is just like a chain with each time a “destination address” which the OS should found the next free block… it should work without any loss of datas… Am I wrong ?