Include the JSAPI header file to get access to SpiderMonkey.

Hi there,

My question its related with the last version of open Suse concerning embedded SpiderMonkey. I’m trying to compile a file using a “#include<js/jsapi.h>” as a header and always I got an error of compilation. I had downloaded all packages related with JavaScript but I still getting the error, below some of the packets alredy installed:
jsoncpp-devel, json-glib-devel,
seamonkey (spidermonkey api)
libjansson, libqjson

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Just to clarify;

The files can be downloaded directly from mozilla, here you go:

From what you posted, no one can trace what you’ve done.
You need to provide the source for your spidermonkey and any additional code (like your jsapi)
If you are following a compilation guide, you need to post the URL to that reference. If you are following documentation embedded in the source, you need to state.

Also, am wondering about your reasons to compile spidermonkey separately and instead of simply using it pre-compiled within whatever mozilla app you might install. From what I can see, if you install Firefox for example it will have seamonkey installed and pre-compiled ready for your javascript file. If your javascript file isn’t working, then I would first look at your js before trying to re-compile jsapi which could even cause overall app issues.

If you are that certain that the integrity of your js code is correct (what tool did you use to check?) then I’d also ask what error messages are displayed and how are you seeing that the code isn’t executing… for instance are you using a browser’s developer tools or something else?