import evolution contacts into kmail

recently I installed evolution, had my contacts and mails all set up perfectly. after a backup, I had to format my drive after messing up my install. now I’d like to import my contacts into kmail without having to install evolution.
is there a way to do this?
help and suggestions appreciated.

IMHO contacts for Kmail are in Kaddress, part of Kontact. It has an Import item in its File menu with quite a list of formats. Take a look if one of them fits with a fomat evolutions exports.

ok, tried that. no works

what I am trying to import is the addressbook.db thats stored deep down in the .evolution folder.

I think that I can open it with the database client from openoffice, but I need to install that too.

well, nope that doesnt work with openoffice base.

maybe if you could d/l just the addressbook part. ?

well, here I go installing evolution. really hope this works

I did google for some scripts, but none worked.

I’m in a similar situation. I’m running opensuse 11 and I would like to upgrade to 11.1 but I need few basic things working and one is the e-mail client. I have been able to migrate all the messages and address book without problem but I can not get e-mail and the pop server is setup ok. Kmail on the other hand works OK. If I have to abandon evolution I will be like you. So here is what I have:

First you have to export the address books from evolution. Evolution has a hidden program that can do this work

/usr/lib64/evolution/2.24/evolution-addressbook-export --format=csv > mail_address_book.csv

Second you import this file in Kmail.

Do so backups just in case.

The other alternative is to export as vcards but I had a little problem with.

Well I will try to have evolution working if not …