ImageMagick mpeg2encode error

I am trying to get the mpeg2encode delegate working on imageMagick so that I can create an mpg video from a series of jpg images that I have.

Currently when I run:

convert image*.jpg movie.jpg

I get the following error:

convert: Delegate failed “mpeg2encode” “%o” “%i”

So I am guessing that the mpeg2encode is some kind of additional plug in for IM - but where do I find it? I have scoured the repos with no luck, and a general search yields plenty of rpms for debian, though nothing for suse.

Does anybody have any ideas how I can get this working, or have any suggestions for other suse based applications that I can use to merge a series of .jpg files together into a movie?

I know it can be done using .gifs, however the software I am outputting from (ParaFoam) doesn’t export in .gif format, and I am keen to not have to convert all of the output .jpgs into .gifs fisrt…

Currently running OpenSuse 11.0 with Gnome on a Lenovo Thinkpad T61p.

Any help would be much appreciated


The reason is that mpeg2encode is not FOSS and so cannot be distributed; the following thread explains the situation: ImageMagick • View topic - mpeg2encode licensing issue