image creator

I have tried and tried to build a iso with this and no matter what I try it crashes and fails.
I f i use the opensuse repos at says connection refused.
after it has been connected to the repo for twenty minutes prior.
If I use a local directory or the opensuse dvd as the repo source after 20 to 30 minutes if suddenly can’t mount it anymore.
WHAT a piece of crap kiwi is.
Most debian distros have remaster or iso build software and everyone I have tried works.
I guess this is just too much for opensuse.
I love using suse but it is things like this that will drive me away.
I simply want to make a live cd with my choice of packages and after 3 days of trying I am convinced it can’t be done with image creator and kiwi.

Excuse for my English but I’m French and I search desperately informations to use image creator.
Like the precedent writer I spent very much time ( 1 week ) to have only fails and errors.
I have ever been satisfied by openSUSE but in this case there aren’t any documentation and the software seems to be a beta version not tested.
Me to i will be obliged to see another distribution because it is in a professional goal that I need to make an ISO image personalized.
If someone can help me by anyway, I accept this help.
That is the first time that openSUSE deceive me.
Ask please
Thank you

isomaster from Packman

or even


or acetoneISO

Hye, bonjour,

I tried to do it with image creator and couldn’t do it. I finally found a tutorial how to use kiwi in command line and it did work.

Follow this tutorial, it’s rally quite simple:
How to Make openSUSE 11.1 KDE 3.5 LiveCD or LiveDVD | Spirit of Change

I have tried to find the link for how to create the opensuse live cd but the page is gone. Can anyone provide me with the details on how to create the live cd using kiwi

SDB:Live USB stick - openSUSE
SDB:KIWI Cookbook Live USB-Stick - openSUSE

The kiwi cookbook is on the wiki:

Portal:KIWI - openSUSE

However, it might be better to start with SUSE Studio. Much easier and has more tools.

Welcome – SUSE Studio