I'm installing 11.3 fresh, how do I blow everything else away?

SORRY. ignore this thread, I posted it in the wrong forum. it’s now in install forum.

I’m installing 11.3 from USB stick. I went through the partition screen, etc and it did not mention anything about any data or other stuff on the harddisk. but when I got to the “Live Installation Settings” page, it shows the booting sections as:

  • openSUSE 11.3 (default)
  • openSUSE 11.2 - (/dev/sdb2)
  • Linux Other
  • Failsafe – openSUSE 11.3

how do I blow those others away? I want them erased aand don’t want them in grub or “installed around”, rather, I want it “installed over” them.

Also, the “Linux Other” is the USB stick. Is it a problem to have that?

Use the expert level in the installer partition scheme to specify exactly what you want to happen. You will need to specify the mount points and size for all partitions. Without knowing what is currently on the disk I can not give any further advice. Post

fdisk -l ( that is a lower case L not a one)

It is hard to see over your shoulder from here. :slight_smile:

Thankss for the reply.

Unfortunately, I’m in the install screen so I can’t type fdisk -l.

I can tell you there’s two harddrives.

  • One is new and has nothing on it (it’s 320GB) and this is what it’s installing on.
  • The other is 120 GB

They’re both added as cable-select.

Did you run media check to be sure that you had a good image on the USB?

Can you boot to OpenSuse from the USB?

I’ assuming you used a CD image and not a DVD image.

I’m already booted into install from the USB stick, and yes I verified it. the stick is fine, that’s why it’s showing these options. :slight_smile:

I ended up quitting installation, booting into the USB KDE Live, going to a terminal, fdisk,mkfs, fsck and now I’m going to install fresh (all disks should be empty now).

Um, yes you can… just open a VT think on the install it’s tty3 just
like you do in an installed system alt+ctrl+F3 just try some of the
others if F3 doesn’t work.

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You need to use custom partitioning and tell it what to do.
This shows you (it’s 11.2) but it’s the same. Picasa Web Albums - caf4926 - openSUSE 11.2…