Ikon Management for added applications

I have a new upgrade to 11.4 running KDE 4.6.1 from the KDE46/11.4 repo.

I added the k9copy application from packman.
It is loaded and runs.
On my desktop, I dragged the k9copy.desktop file onto the"Desktop Folder" (I made a copy) from /usr/share/applications.

When I open the Desktop Folder in Dolphin, detailed view, see the correct ikon to the left of k9copy.
But on the desktop, the Desktop Folder shows a default (rectangle with curled right corner) ikon.
Interestingly, when I click on the ikon to start k9copy, the correct ikon shows briefly, then the application window opens

I have tried right click-Refresh View

Other suggestions?

OK, after a bit of hacking about I find that my problem is size related.
If I right click on the Desktop Folder, select Folder View Settings then Display, I find that if I select smaller icons with the slider more icons appear.

Is the system supposed to attempt to scale for sizes that do not exist as icon.png files?
It seems to be doing that for some icons, not others.

Or, is there a way to (re)build an icon set from sizes that are made available by the RPMs?