Ifup/Ifdown for non-root users

Op Sys: OpenSuse 10.3

I am having some issues with ifup and ifdown. I have currently created two simple scripts (wireless and wired) that will turn either wireless or wired on. The script simply uses ifdown to turn one device off and ifup to turn it on (as expected). The issue is that the script only works when logged in as root. I do not want to use kinternet or any other programs to do the same thing unless they have commands that can be used in a script.

My question: Is there a way to release permissions of ifup/ifdown for general users?

If I have to set a group for all users (I already tried ntadmin) I will. If I have to create a script that signs in as root, runs the required scripts, and then exits, I will, but I need to have that script locked so no non-root users can see it. Thanks for all the help. I will mention some errors below.

Some errors regarding ifup/ifdown specifically refer to them as - Permission Denied.
I also receive another error regarding “touch” saying that the configurations for my different devices cannot be touched.

Use sudo to allow user(s) to run ifup/down with a specified argument and no others.

Something like this in /etc/sudoers (edit using visudo):

alice ALL = (ALL) NOPASSWD: /sbin/ifup wlan0, /sbin/ifdown wlan0

Then you can make aliases or shell wrappers for those raw commands. See man sudo for details.

Thanks ken_yap. Regardless of how much I have played with linux there seems to always be something to learn. My script works perfectly after simply adding the exception to my sudoers file. I greatly appreciate the help.