Icon editor ?


anyone knows a good icon editor (for KDE if possible)
I would like to custom a .bat icon for windows

Does it exist ?

Thanks :wink:

Can’t you open any icon in GIMP or Krita and edit away?

In fact the problem is not to draw the icon, but to configure a file to have this icon. A right click > property on the icon of my .bat file, for example, does not permit me to change it.

I know that it is possible to configure KDE in order to apply a model of icon for a type of extension, but it is not what I want to do.

I just want to modify one icon of one bat’s file, not all bat’s icons.

I guess you mean you want to substitute an icon of your selection rather that
the default icon, is that correct?

If you are clicking on a link to the file, you can not change the icon. However,
if you right click the actual file I think you should be able to.

if i am not misstake the ico file is simple windows bmp file with .ico extension

PS i was wrong

ICO (icon image file format) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

here more useful info for you… if i right understand your post