icinga install from repo doesn't match much of documentation

Installed icinga 1.8 from the openSuse repo. Got as far as monitoring the server on which icinga is installed. Wanted to add nconf to “simplify” use of the program, since nconf.org says it’s a drop-in substitute for nagios. Added nconf from openSuse repository. However, the config files and docs for icinga, the nagios plug-ins, and nconf refer to files and directories that don’t exist for incinga (only for nagios?). Is there a build of nconf in the works that’s intended for icinga? Or is icinga not worth the effort and I should work with nagios?
non-programmer on openSuse 12.2 and KDE.

Without something more specific, hard to truly understand what you are describing.

But, on the chance that the location of the files is the only thing that is inconsistent with the documentation, you can find them by installing the find-utils package, then after the database is created (every 24 hrs, so if I’m in no rush to initiate a db build which can take a long time, I simply wait until the next day), you can run locate

#locate *fileordirectoryname*

That command will return all the existences of that name on your system, including the full path.

Another way is to simply launch YAST Software Manager, search for the package, then inspect the installed files (their locations).