I think I need YOUR! help !!-Questions over question!


I’m new and have some questions. 4 or 5 month ago I’ve installed opensuse 11.0 .
I got this version from “ComputerBild” a german computer magazine. I’ve read the article about the system and everything seems to be very easy, but then after installing the system everything was very hard for me. I do not want Windows no longer and want opensuse not only because it is for free. Pleas help me what I have to do for running all my components and programs on opensuse.
I need something like “office” and “encarta”, “icQ”,“pokerstars”,“itunes for my ipod” and some other programs…

My system is an AMD 6400+
Motherboard is Gigabyte MA790x-D24
Graficcard: ATI 4870
got keyboard and mouse from razor.

I think nothing else is important. Where can I find all this drivers? And how to install them? I’m a newbie in this section, so what I have to do?

Many thanks for your efforts!

ps: sorry for my english- come from Germany:shame:

Check out the Linux Alternative Project web page for lists of matching software: The Linux Alternative Project - linuxalt.com

Hi JµleZ & Welcome!

office = openoffice
encarta = jee… is that still used now we have the big www & Google? :wink:
icQ = have a look at Pidgin (included with openSUSE)
itunes = I don’t have an iPod, but Rythmbox seems to be a program to manage your iPod collection with - you can install this using YaST > Software Management

Driver are included in the kernel and not something you just install like in Windows. There are one click installs for video cards (and other)

Have a look here for your ATI : ATI - openSUSE
Also good for codecs : Restricted Formats - openSUSE-Community

As a newbie I would recommend you to have a read though this: Concepts - openSUSE
It should give you a first guidance and answer some basic questions.

Most important… sometimes things won’t work at once! Be patient, post your questions & all will be ok! :slight_smile:

Have a lot of fun!!


On 10/30/2008 Magic31 wrote:
> icQ = have a look at Pidgin (included with openSUSE)

Kopete on KDE

> itunes = I don’t
> have an iPod, but Rythmbox seems to be a program to manage your iPod
> collection with - you can install this using YaST > Software
> Management

Amarok on KDE


Your ipod could be a problem depending on which one it is. I have a Ipod touch and it’s a no go unless you hack it and use wifi to get songs on it. Good luck!

And here’s another link definitely worth checking out:
Linux Equivalents to Windows Software - LinuxLinks News

Well then, as long as we are dropping sites, here are two extra ones :wink:

Find Open Source Alternatives to commercial software | Open Source Alternative - osalt.com
Windows and OS X Software Alternatives | Linux App Finder

The sites things is a great idea but hardware is more difficult to get working in Windows if the manufacturer only supports Windows and OS/X. Same with the Creative X-Fi soundcard that I still don’t have working. It can be very frustrating for new Linux users to find that some hardware just does not work. Specifically bleeding edge hardware that gamers use. It’s the reason I still use Windows every so often. To get music on my Ipod-touch and play games :slight_smile:

Have you tried compiling the XFi driver?

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Yes, but it fails to make with the 2.6.25.xx kernel’s. Only works on 10.3 and if it does it is very buggy and bad. My onboard soundcard works fully and is fine for Multimedia and stuff.

OSS is suppose to work but I can’t be bothered trying to get it working. It’s fine the way it is now. Even if it were to work I’d still need windows for the Ipod and games. :slight_smile: