I think...i coming on to openSUSE linux...

A few weeks ago I decided to try out Linux after seeing where Microsoft was going with windows 11 amongst a few others reasons.

Test bed I setup which I later transferred to a desktop case and put in place of my windows desktop for longer term testing waaaassss

Corsair Crystal 570x
Asus Crosshair VII hero
AMD Ryzen 2700x
Asus Strix Vega64
DDR4 3200mhz 16GB memory
Corsair H1000i 1000watt power supply

250GB NVME OS drive
4TB WD BLACK for games and others

Currently, two main things that are making it difficult for me to make openSUSE my main OS is VR and RGB lighting like RGB keyboards, RGB coolers, RGB ram, RGB motherboards, the list for RGB parts I have in my computer goes on. But I think its safe to say about 90 percent of everything I do in windows is possible in openSUSE Tumbleweed so at least openSUSE would be like “second in command” for now. I do hope it becomes my primary OS soon though just because how awesome everything is.

I do recall testing a few other distros but I picked openSUSE because it recognizes ethernet adapters better than mint, respects the user unlike ubuntu, has KDE and gnome unlike debian, looks more capable than fedora. Fedora advertised itself as a “workstation” OS so I didnt bother. Once I started learning and using openSUSE on the test bed, I would install all of the programs I use and the games I play, Learn how to make them work, and then reformat the SSD and try again just to get a better understanding of openSUSE in my own way. Can think of it like lifting weights.

Any horsing around way.

I tested Half-Life, Battlefield 4, Dead space 1 and 2 and a little bit of 3, Black mesa, Counter Strike, Half Life 1 and 2 deathmatch, Half-Life alyx, little bit of prey, and Team Fortress 2.

Whenever I play battlefield 4, I brag about how im playing this game in openSUSE to which i am met with either “nice” “linux is stupid” “no one uses linux” “I UsE ArCH” “I use (insert distro name here)” “how did you get it working?”

Now some of the games here are windows only but it was still possible to get them working with a FORKED version of proton called “Proton-GE”. Steams proton can do just about everything proton-GE can do , but Proton-GE makes the game more “operational”. For example, If you use Steams Proton to play battlefield 4, you will get kicked from the server for having no ping next to your name in the score board. Proton-GE fixes that.

now AFAIK, Battlefield is also the only game that I come across “video lag”. But I can only assume that maybe its because im using EXT4 on a 4TB drive that battlefield 4 is running off of.

Was not a fan how openSUSE mounted the drive to the home folder. I instead mounted it to “/mnt/sda1”. Its an internal drive. And even if it was external, it should be mounted instead to something like /tmp/mnt/sda1. Maybe bring up a notification on how the user wants to mount the drive?

I did tried setting up discord but it was actually very strange even going as far as freezing up the entire desktop requiring a hard reboot. So I use the web version for now which im fine with.

I do hope that one day, I do get to use openSUSE Tumbleweed as my main OS. I like how I can whip out the terminal with ctrl-alt-t and install programs or run updates/upgrades or configure something real quick. YAST is also really nice. I like how I can use Software Mangement and Software repositories to mange all this software stuff. It even gave me the idea how all this software stuff works in linux.

I find myself being more eager to use openSUSE each and every day just to get the hang of it. The thought of using it on my thinkpad at work is something I do look forward to at times. I work for a WISP specifically so I need to be able to edit/manage my network adapter quickly. I have not gotten to that part yet, but from first glance, it looks to me like it would be a little slower than the way windows does it.

btw, I did use openSUSE years ago. IIRC, I believe it was 11.3. I recall having a weird time playing team fortress classic on it using a pentium 3 desktop I had at the time. Seeing how I find myself using openSUSE more often than any other linux distro has me thinking that is definitely the distro for me.

Thank you openSUSE devs.

Its 2:20am. I am exhausted. So if there is anything you dont exactly understand what I am saying, my apologies.

Thank you for posting your experience here. I’m glad openSUSE works well for you :slight_smile: