I really wish that 12.3 worked for me but :(

I had it freeze up my laptop 2 minutes after the first reboot once the installation is complete. However for some weird reason every single KDE distribution does this on my laptop.

What happens is my laptop completely freezes up and my display looks like one of those 1980 arcade games when switched on. I have to keep the power button pressed in for 5 seconds to completely kill the laptop.

It is a Dell Studio 1558 laptop with i5 CPU and ATI 5400 Mobility series GPU.

The thing is I can run windows games (wow and d3) for hours and hours with no issue. I dual boot with Ubuntu 12.04 and I use that for downloads and general work where the laptop will at times be switched on for days without a reboot.

But install any KDE based distro on it (including Kubuntu) and the silly screen freeze ups manifests a few minutes after the installs :frowning: Pity as I enjoyed KDE back when I still could, even SuSE (of which I still have the original big boxed versions with the manuals for 7.0 and 7.3)

I would really appreciate any advice and pointers from openSUSE wizards as to what is causing these freeze ups and how to prevent it. The last KDE distro to work on this laptop was Kubuntu 11.10 since Kubuntu 12.04 whatever changed in KDE is causing my laptop (and presumably other similar laptops) to have these weird freeze ups :frowning:

What does it say in /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old file after you reboot ?

or for the time of the freeze, say in in /var/log/messages after you reboot ?

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