I need xkb expert

I have made a thread in the past, about changing the default behavior of the accessibility function of the num_pad mouse, in that thread the recommendation was to use “xmodmap”. But that was no what a I want, so I keep looking for answers online and find out
the config file that manages the behavior of the num_pad mouse this file is locate at /usr/share/X11/xkb/compat/mousekeys.

I manage to change almost all I wanted.

kp_0 = left click mouse
kp_period = right click mouse
kp_5 = middle mouse click
kp_+ = scroll mouse down
kp_- = scroll mouse up

disable / * - to change the default pointer

this is my modify config file

now my problem is that the scroll up and down doesn’t behave like I wanted to be

when I press kp_+ or kp_- it scroll up or down only one time even if I key the button pressed
I want to keep scrolling while I keep press the button. Apparently this config file is written in c but you can’t make a while or for loop. So how do I achieve this scroll while press button behavior?.