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We love it too

I’m also drink yesterday :slight_smile:

In vino veritas (in wine, there is truth).

In vino veritas (in wine, there is truth).

When i see, how many people from different country usage Suse, on my face smile, it is so fine. Sorry for bad english.

Yeah. I don’t know why more people here in the U.S. don’t use it. I do not personally know one person other than myself that uses Linux. It’s kind of lonely.

What’s the problem?

Maybe you just haven’t heard of Linux User Groups

Don’t know how many use openSUSE, but I do, and I’m in the USA

Android is Linux-based but that’s probably not what you mean. There just isn’t a lot of compelling reasons to switch for most people and that’s what it is, a switch. They buy a PC and it comes with Windows. When the PC gets old, they buy a new PC/Laptop with Windows.

But with the move to all browser-base applications that would be changing soon. Microsoft Office is now available on Microsoft Live and you have Google docs. Email is basically web-based/smartphone based for many people and moving in that direction more and more. You can blog, twitter, take photos and share it all from your phone. When World of Warcraft becomes browser-based, I can see PC makers selling Linux PC to save on licensing Windows.

In the end, the people making a conscious decision to go with a specific OS are developers and hardware admins. Everyone else just uses whatever comes with their hardware.