I lost my Suse plush Gecko where can I get a new one?


Can anyone tell me where to get the soft stuffed plush Suse Gecko?
I purchased it a while ago if not mistaken with Suse 10.4 boxed set from Novell.

It seems to have run away, I have looked everywhere for it and can’t find it.


Loosing trinkets from days gone by sucks. I still have my Tux pin that came with the 7.0 or 9.0 box set - never had the plush Gecko.

It’s too bad different distros don’t sell more bling at their respective “official” stores like: openSUSE.org Shop

Sure, CafePress, etc. - but it’s never as fun as the “real” stuff.

I guess though that it just makes those trinkets all the more valuable as time goes by.

I still have my Red Hat 5.2 install CDs, which offered “Red Neck” as an install language . . . good times.


Neat a tux pin!
I still have the inflatable Tux from when I purchased the Corell Linux boxed set, which was at the time fantastic.

LOL Redneck install now that is a classic.
You are sure correct about selling more neat bling from the distro manufaturer.
Speaking of old CDS I came across another oldie but goodie sure to raise the ire of those who love Open source.
I came across my original Caldera Linux cd in my cats toy basket.
You see Amy loves it when I use the shiny side to reflect the sun on the walls, and carpets she will chase the reflected spot around for hours.

Have a great morning/day.
Hears to hopping that Suse will start to sell some cool stuff again for Suse Linux.

You can get new Geeko plushes at most SUSE/openSUSE events - every attendee to the awesome oSC 11 got one
I’d hope they’ll be more available at Brainshare in a few weeks…etc

Online, I know of only one place selling them, but the pricing isnt pretty:

SUSE chameleon - Geeko | Linuxpusher


Good News!

I found my Suse Gekkos :slight_smile:

I was cleaning up a cupboard and found the, found was 1 large bright green Suse Gekko and two small bean bag gekkos.
They are now hanging around my planter inside my house to keep the plant company.


> They are now hanging around my planter inside my house to keep the
> plant company.

careful! they eat bugs on the plants…and, if they run out of bugs
they will eat the plants!!

you have been warned!

DD http://tinyurl.com/DD-Caveat


Don’t you think it time to put them in the bird cage so it won’t run away again?

I once had the mouse cover that look like mouse /with glasses and I never had found them. I guess the mouse got away. :frowning: