I lose the minimise,unmaximise and close when using desktop

well ive been playing around with gnome desktop effects and even with only the smallest amount of the effects on i still lose them minimise,unmaximise/maximise and close, maybe there some way of doing the stuff or there is something wrong?? the entire bar at the top goes
anyone got any ideas ?
i really want the cool effects to work >:)

as always thanks for the advice zeblol!

I seem to recall this is not uncommon, it rings a bell with me in days gone - trying compiz in kde3. I seem to recall logout and back in restores.

Compiz in kde4.2 however is much better, but that’s using kwin/compiz

If you are using 11.1, then I can say that I have been suffering that for a while too or at least something similar, in that the window borders disappeared too.

The final cure, after having updated Compiz many times was to uninstall Compiz (and fusion) completely, reboot (purely to ensure that it was gone), re-install Compiz and fusion, taking care to get it soley from the X11/XGL repo, and reboot.

Personnally I don´t like all the rebooting, but it was an attempt to make sure the changes I was making were ¨commited¨.

Now I am a mostly happy bunny.

Good luck

should of said im using 11.0 and gnome sorry i copy n pasted it out of a messege on a diffrent fourm im one and it sin my sig :X


soz for double post any one help me, im still unsure

Hi sexyed123. Can’t promise anything, but see if the following works for you (if using compiz):

Launch Compiz config Settings Manager from

Application Launcher > Utilities > Desktop menu

Then navigate to

Utility > Workarounds (click on Workarounds) > disable Legacy Fullscreen Support