I just want to say some things about windows

I needed to vent and thought it would be well appriciated here.

So i am an avid linux user opensuse and dream linux. The only time i use windows is at my school library where its really slow and tempermental. They have something called deep freeze that wipes everything out to its previous state when u shut down. e.g. It puts the computer continuously back to the only state windows works in… itas very first fresh install state.

I went to my moms house and tried to get on the computer to prove someone wrong about powerpuff girls. Sadly windows was my downfall.

Booted up the computer… Took a windows of a long time.
took almost five minutes after it got to the gui to finish loading the network manager because i had to wait for all the pop ups and so on.

Explorer took its time opening up. again faced with the menacing pop ups. everything moved at snail speed.

i was finally getting close to the powerpuff answer when i was confrunted with one of microsofts many helpful errors…

“Internet explorer has encountered an error.
Send Dont send”

No matter which one you pick the window will close!

Assuming your hardware is ok, i think a clean install of windows will solve your issues.