I just want to make a small slideshow for my girlfriend


I needed for the first time to do a slideshow of some pictures, I thought it would be a easy thing but now I have two days trying to do it.

I downloaded Manslide, I spent about two hours working on it doing the slides but at end of the render process it do not produce any output. Then I discover that Manslide now is SMILE that is in Packman repo. I spent another two hours making again my slideshow in it (can’t import old Manslide format) but at the end it didn’t produce the output video file either :s

I have all the dependecies, I switch all of them to Packman rpms.

Anyone has used this program successfully??? What other program for linux could I use for making a simple slideshow for my girlfriend to post in her fb???


I think OpenOffice’s Presentations has a function were it automaticly changes the slide after preset interval. I don’t know if it can make a video file of it though.

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Try “imagination” from Packman repo. Intuitive and maybe all you need. I don’t know requirments to publish in fb (never been there), but it gives you three kinds of output: 3gp (mobile quality), flv (web quality) and vob (dvd quality).


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I am going to try it right now. I’ll be posting the results. Thanks!