I don't have an access to the other fat32partitions

Hi everybody
I just install opensuse 11.1, it’s ok and very good distribution. But I have the problem that i can’t access to my FAT32 partitions. the followin img display clearly the problem


Please can someone help me in urgent, because all my work is in these partition.
Thank u in advance

please someone can help me ?

From the picture it looks like you are trying to read the root / partition
To get access to the partition type in a console su then root pass then
**chown -R <yourusername> /pathtopartition **


Hi geoffro
thank u for your attention
No ! this message is dispalyed when I try to access to the partition
also, when I launch K3b the DVD isn’t recognized.
In the previous version of opensuse (ie 11.0) I see the windows directory and i can access to all of the previews partitions. But now the folder WINDOWS don’t appear.
Thant u in advance.
I am sorry for my english !!

You cannot right-click to attempt to mount those drives?

If not, you may need to set the mount point through Yast…Under the Partitioner…

Good Luck!

i surely agree with this opinon"chown -R <yourusername> /pathtopartition "

thnak u very much for your help
But I had reinstall the distribution and the problem resolved.
thank u again.