I can't convert my audio tracks into mp3 files.


I want to convert some audio files, to mp3 files. I have only k3b but it converts into ogg or wav.

Is there any program to convert a track in mp3?
Or a k3b add-on ?

Thanks for your feedbacks



jripper from Packman

I have packman repository in my repositories list. Now… I don’t know how to install jripper


sudo zypper in jripper

if not look at a list of matches with:

sudo zypper se jripper

That works!!

Thanks a lot !!


When I read that my jaw dropped! It’s just that you have been around here for a fair bit @agunet74 - and to not know that!


Or just install the k3b-codecs from packman
PackMan :: Package details for k3b
they come with extra encoders
and U’ll be able to encode tom mp3 from k3b

sudo zypper in k3b-codecs