I Broke the Software Installer.

trying to get the Software Updater Applet to work right on a new install I managed to break the software installer in Yast2 here are two screen caps of the error message. one of the packages I package I updated was yast2-qt-pkg. I hope this can be fixed without a reinstall.



Did you checked the log files for further information?

and maybe also:

Since this is a new install would it be wise to just reinstall it? (for the fourth time :open_mouth: First time today though it’s just about 1AM)

Maybe you just have to reinstall the package yast2-qt-pkg
or try to downgrade it, if a reinstall doesn’t work.

DVD is handy. I think I’ll just reinstall and try and get the software updater applet to work right, messing up QT in KDE is a bad move massing it up in Yast2 is really bad.

> DVD is handy.

what version of openSUSE are you installing?
did it come from http://software.opensuse.org/ or some other source?

are you certain the DVD is perfect? did you media check it prior to
THIS install?

the point being that you might reinstall from a bad DVD until the cows
come home–and never get sweet milk…


Running openSUSE 11.1 and KDE 3.5

I checked Media and checked memory after the second install and replaced the install media. I had some hardware issues on my first two installs. This last install seems to have done the trick. This machine is memory poor and I will fix that next month. It seems to be playing OK now and it’s going through all the software updates slowly.

> It seems to be playing OK
> now and it’s going through all the software updates slowly.

updating slowly is a VERY good idea!!


LOL I went to Repositories, OpenSUSE-11.1-Update, and did an update unconditionally. Just over a gigs worth of updates.
System is back up. .mozilla, .thunderbird and doccuments folder transfered over from previous install.

Just as a point of reference, I’ve seen those errors before and were the result of corrupt qt packages from a borked update.

If you need to get in to Yast, you can use the command line version. Just open a terminal, log in as root, and type “yast2”. This will open up a menu-driven interface that should be close to the same as the GUI version of YaST.

Anyways, glad you got it working. :slight_smile: