Hyper-V build 6.3.9600 (Windows Server 2012R2) and opensuse 12.3(32bits)

Hi to anyone,

I’m trying to install opensuse fresh on a new Hypervisor 6.3.9600 and
when booting up the iso and install te version 12.3(32bits) I get
Loading kernel …
Loading initial ramdisk …

thats it. The system hangs.
I tryed it on a Windows 2012 6.0.x hypervisor and there it will install fine.
Did any came up with this?

Hipe to here from you.


If you’re using the same install media for both intalls,
It’s probably not the problem with openSUSE, it’s a problem with the version of Hyper-V you’re using and may need to post in a Windows help group.



I also setup a question at Microsoft.
Maybe anyone have seen this and did something so solve this.


It installs fine on my 2012R2 Datacenter server, but one thing that comes to mind:

Are you using Generation 1 or Generation 2 VMs? Gen2 are new in 2012R2 so that’s why I’m thinking that might be why it works in the first release of Server 2012.

If you are using a Gen2 VM, open up the Hyper-V console. Select your Suse VM and enter the settings for it. Under firmware, disable “Enable secure boot” and see if that helps.

Your suggestion might work, but IMO is more applicable to existing VMs which might have been created on another machine or the existing HostOS upgraded.

When a brand new Guest is created, I’d assume that all settings are automatically set to be compatible for the current HostOS.