Is there a hydrogen-drumkits package for openSUSE .
Searched already in opensuse search and packman

Hydrogen drumkist can be downloaded from within Hydrogen itself. I have a german environment here, so I don’t know the exact terms in english or dutch, but I’ll try to translate it it english: Hydrogen → Instruments → Import library → tab ‘Internet’ → then click ‘Refresh list’. This will offer you about 25 different drumkits.

Happy drumming!

I see what you mean.
With Ubuntu you can install a hydrogen-drumkits package thats why I asked it.


There is no internet plugin if you use the latest opensuse version 0.9.3-259.8
I think you meant the linux downloaded packman version.

That is correct. I consider Packman to be a basic SuSE repository (which provides the most current version of Hydrogen).

There is nog hydrogen packman version for opensuse 11.3

I have tried to install the opensuse 11.2 x86_64 on opensuse 11.3 x86_64 it works perfect.
Problem solved

There is nog hydrogen packman version for opensuse 11.3

Whoops… one more reason for me to stay with 11.2.

One hint - instead of using a 11.2 version on 11.3, you should rebuild the respective src.rpm. Download it from the 11.2 repository (/src), then (as regular user) do

rpmbuild --rebuild hydrogen-0.9.4-0.pm.1.7.src.rpm

You will need several devel-packages for doing so, though.

For those who do not want to rebuild their packages for 11.3 (or who are not using the packman package for OS 11.2 and earlier) can obtain the drumkits from http://sourceforge.net/projects/hydrogen/files/Sound%20Libraries/ via