Huion tablets on openSUSE?

So I’m someone who is slowly getting into digital art.

I want to get a huion pen tablet and I am wondering how well it is supported on openSUSE. Just so I know if I can migrate to openSUSE in the future.

Any digital artists around who have the same tablet and can find out for me?

I actually have one lying around somewhere. Will report once I get to plug it in.

They mostly seem to support Ubuntu LTS 20.04 although I did find a tar file. Hardware wise it can certainly work (to some extent), but looking at the installed files it seems that a bundled software (Qt) is needed to manage the tablet.

But here are their own claims about what they support.

I have a Huion H610 Pro everything seems to work except the side buttons on the tablet. They are hit or miss most times. Otherwise everything else is pretty flawless. Since the side buttons don’t function all the time I bought a Wacom Intuos with Bluetooth and it totally works even the shortcut buttons. openSUSE will definitely let you use whatever piece of hardware you’d like.

I remember having to install Digimend drivers for my tablet on Debian-based distros.
While it is possible to compile it from source, for convenience sake they only offer a *.deb file.
I looked up and OBS doesn’t have it compiled either (except for one Arch Linux repo, apparently)